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“Home away from home” is what we've always wanted Kusuka Corner to be. All customers are greeted with a warm smile and will read the simple but poignant message you are loved embedded in the store-front mosaic tiles. Each dish has been carefully crafted and inspired by family experiences and gathering around the table



Nasi Goreng - The signature dish of Kusuka Corner is a uniquely fragrant fried rice served with sate skewers, fried chicken drumettes or a panko crumbed chicken schnitzel alongside a sunny side up egg, Acar (lightly pickled cucumber and carrots) and Indonesian Kerupuk (crackers).

Comfortabowl - Kusuka’s marinated wagyu beef rice bowl served with a soft omelette and optionally topped with house made Indonesian Sambal Matah.

Papa’s Congee - Liz’s family recipe: A thick, textured congee featuring crunchy bits and assorted condiments!

Hometown - A comforting Indonesian handmade meatball soup, served with white rice, Indonesian Kerupuk (crackers) and condiments.

Risoles - A house made deep fried pastry with egg and cheese mayo and an angus beef rasher inside - served with Kusuka’s Chili Hijau (green chili)



Pink latte - On the drinks menu since 17’ - Kusuka’s famous non caffeinated pink latte, with flavour notes of watermelon and berries. Served iced or hot.

Genesis - Kusuka’s signature mocktail with slightly sweet and slightly sour flavour profiles, shake it and be mesmerized by a galaxy in a jar.

Somewhere in the Clouds - A smooth and beautiful blend of taro, coconut, and almond milk.

Royalty - A refreshing lychee and calamansi mocktail



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